After the Horses: A detective mystery in the gay side of Toronto
Written by Aaron Finestone

Canadian writer, director and playwright Jeffrey Round offers a tale of murder, infidelity, drugs, alcohol, illegal immigration and corrupt police in the debut of his Dan Sharp series.


After the Horses (Dundurn) is set in Toronto’s gay world.  Private investigator Dan Sharp is hired to look into the unsolved murder of a Macedonian-born operator of a country and western bar.  As the case unfolds, each potential suspect is exonerated until the least likely player turns out to be the murderer.
Round gives an excellent lesson in the geography of Toronto, introducing the reader to bars, restaurants, running paths, stables, slums, apartments for the ultra-rich, gentrified neighborhoods, parks and highways.

Jeffrey Round

Round gives an uncritical view of married, single, and open gay relationships.  Nothing pornographic, but always interesting.
After the Horses will be released November 14, 2015.