Shooting for the Stars: A subplot of intergenerational conflict when newspaper morphs to website.


New York journalist R. G. Belsky has written another thriller, following his widely acclaimed  
The Kennedy Connection.   Shooting for the Stars (Atria) is another tale about Gil Malloy, a fabled but flawed investigative reporter for the New York Daily News.   Malloy solves the mystery of the death of a movie star three decades earlier and links it to the recent murder of a TV talk show personality.  This great read involves the mob.  What more has to be said.

R. G. Belsky

Most interesting is the subplot--the conflict between Malloy and his supervising editor.  The editor, half a generation younger and female, has the mission of building the Daily News' online presence.  Malloy tries to be the classic crime reporter.   Belsky--once managing editor of the Daily News--describes the decline of dead tree newspapers and their replacement by the digital media.

Get ready for a surprise ending and a great read.  
Shooting for the Stars will be released on August 11, 2015.