The Blessing of the Sun
marks new cycle of freedom
8 April 2009


Today, Jews all over the world celebrated the Blessing of the Sun. According to Tradition, the sun is in the same position as it was at Creation. Every 28 years the sun returns to this point.

Tonight, we celebrate Passover, the anniversary of liberation from bondage in Egypt.


Twenty-eight years ago, there was a Soviet Union. It is doubtful that Jews there could have blessed the sun without fear or intimidation.


Just prior to the Blessing of the Sun, I sat at services. To my right was Rachel and to my front was Tracy, proudly wearing tefillin. Twenty-eight years ago, women were just beginning to participate fully in Jewish life. Now women read Torah and Haftorah, serve as rabbis and congregational leaders.

Yesterday in Vermont and last week in Iowa, gays and lesbians won the right to marry.


At the end of World War II in Europe, President Harry S Truman proclaimed that "The Flags of Freedom fly all over Europe."


The Flags of Freedom fly over the world today, more so than in 1981.

These are Revolutionary Times.


Photographs taken at Germantown Jewish Centre, Philadelphia, PA. Rabbi Leonard Gordon presided over the ceremony. He co-edited the
"Tractate of the Sun" with Rabbinical student Abe Friedman.